The Clarity Bitfrost Power Cord

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Brand: FCUK Labs Audio
Quantity/pack: 1 Piece
Default Length:
1.7 Meter Europe & Asia Version (50 Hz)
1.4 Meter US Version (60 Hz)
(Longer size is available)

FCUK Labs Ultimate Bitfrost Power Cord

Garbage in = Garbage out. Electricity is the soul of your audio,  from source to the amplification of signal using electricity, gives your the final out put. The question is how clean and how good is your electricity. When you listen to your system, you are actually listening to the AC mains supply. This makes the most important cables in your system the ones feeding power into the equipment. They are responsible for the raw material that gets turned into the sound!

The Bitfrost Power Cord Cable consist of 7 Air-Core Stranded, Aircraft Grade Silver Plated Pure Copper Conductor, each Conductor is suspended in a Double Mono Filament geometry. Unlike conventional power cables, which have propagation speeds that are less than 70% the speed of light, the Bitfrost Power Cord has a speed of 92% the speed of light. This is due to the usage of our in house Cellular PTFE insulation used in Bitfrost construction is superior to all other materials. It has very very low dielectric that prevent signal loss / roll off and high thermal efficiency, causing it to dissipate heat faster than regular teflon/pvc jacket.

The use of Cellular PTFE in a Double Mono Filament Geometry is to transfer power (Electricity) more effectively, while the low resistance of the Air Core Aircraft Grade Silver cable keeps power degration extremely low. This brings… truly heavenly sound quality.

These intricately wound and separately insulated conductors are aligned with high precision geometrical accuracy and consistency, offering perfect conditions for mechanical resonances. To allow for a faster rise time in the 50/60 Hz cycle and negate any EMI or RFI influences,  The exceptional electrical and mechanical characteristics of this cable produce an overwhelming effect. Incorporating The Bitfrost Power Cords throughout your system will result in a seemingly non-existent noise floor, an infinitely black background and the true depth in range that music calls for.

We proudly present a brand new Bitfrost Power Cord where All the conductors are using Silver Plater Copper that Allow your hi-end gear access to one of natures most powerful conductive materials there is – Aircraft Grade Air Core Silver Plated Copper for maximal conductivity with FCUK Labs 24K gold plated connectors

The Bitfrost’s Ultra Low Dielectric ensures complete transparency aspect such as details, separation, inner texture etc

The Bitfrost’s Uniques Design

  • Seven Avionic Grade of Proprietary Low Loss Mono-Filament-Braided Air Core Silver Plated Copper on Live and Neutral Path
  • Avionic Grade of Low Loss Mono-Filament Braided Air Core Silver Plated Copper on the Ground path
  • Wound Geometry Design for Noise Rejection.
  • Ultra Low Dielectric Military Grade Conductor Insulation
  • Oyaide Copper AC Plug, Custom Coated in 24K Gold.
  • Military Grade Cable Jacket Housing for ultra durability and flexibility.

The Bitfrost

The Bitfrost comes with two version to meet different needs. The Absolute Bitfrost 16 for Source, Preamp, DAC and also The Ultimate Bitfrost 14 for Amplifier, Main Distribution and anything that require heavy cable. FCUK Labs’s Bitfrost Power Cord Unique Geometry Design will result in a cleaner sound, better picture and a more healthy home and working environment with low levels of harmful fields…


  • High End Home Audio
  • Live Stage
  • Recording Studios
  • Medical / Hospital equipment
  • Laboratorium
  • Noise critical installations

Technical Specifications

No. Cond 7
Wires / Cond The Ultimate Bitfrost 14:
Live – 3 x 2 mm2
Neutral – 3 x 2 mm2
Ground – 1 x  2 mm2The Absolute Bitfrost 16:
Live – 3 x 1.3 mm2
Neutral – 3 x 1.3 mm2
Ground – 1 x  1.3 mm2
Geometry High Speed Low Loss Mono Filament Braided Air Core Silver Plated Copper for L & N.
High Speed Low Loss Mono Filament Braided Air Core Silver Plated for G.
Insulation: Proprietary Military Grade Cellular PTFE Tape
Jacket: Braided Sleeve Nylon
Ext Size