Super Musical Speaker Cable

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Brand: FCUK Labs Audio
Quantity/pack: 1 Pair (Left & Right)
Default Length: 3.3 Meter (Longer size is available)

Complete Musical, Warm, Sweet and Wet. The secret? Avionic Grade of Tin Plated Flat Stranded C110 Pure Copper and Proprietary 24K Gold Plated 3 x 24 AWG C110 Inner Core.The Super Musical has a non-inductive and matched-group delay through the entire audible frequency spectrum. The only thing not cancelled is the sound, allowing you to hear every little note of the music in details with full transparency, at full dynamics.

Our unique Shaped design as a result of Flat braid cores, laid out in perfect geometry, reveals the true potential of dynamics and transients of your audio system. Further, it reduces interference and interaction distortion. When each and every strand is being braided into thin flat conductor layers, extruding a thin layer of PTFE insulation and then placing them with the flat sides on top of each other, the capacitance will increase significantly. Our in-depth analysis conclude that two flat conductors with different polarity laid out with a large flat side area on top each other, will be individually charged, therefore acting as a capacitor.
WHY it is important??
Because the capacitance will raise at the expense of inductance! And, the capacitance is audibly less significant in the speaker circuitry. Moreover, The Absolute Musical uses tin plated strands combined with some solid core C110 Pure Copper that is treated in house with 24K Gold Plated, that minimize the harsh electron jumps between strands that could create a significant uneven group delay.
What does it sound like?
Anyone searching for that particular live musical feeling, when music displays the typical dynamic drive, holographic imaging & sound stage, clean crisp highs, warmth, Wet & Sweet mids and clean dynamic bass,  will probably end up with a set of FCUK Labs Super Musical Speaker Cables. It is hard to stop listening to your music!

The Super Musical’s Uniques Design

  • Avionic Grade of Tin Plated Flat Stranded C110 Pure Copper
  • Proprietary 24K Gold Plated 3 x 24 AWG C110 Inner Core.
  • Avionic Grade of Perfect Surface Silver for Skin Effect.
  • Center Conductive Damping Core
  • Ultra Low Dielectric Military Grade Conductor Insulation using Proprietary PTFE Tape.
  • MGD Technology (Matched Group Delay)
  • 24K Gold Plated Pure Copper Spiral Injection
  • SULS (Spatial Ultra Layering Stage) technology on our special “In-house” Spade terminal, made with a five types of alloy.
  • Military Grade Cable Jacket Housing for ultra durability and flexibility.

Super Musical comes pre-terminated!
The connection between cable and connector is extremely critical. In order to maintain the function of how our cable is designed, we decided to keep this in-house. We crimp the connector at proper pressure for making a wonderful, air tight, joint.

The Super Musical
The Super Musical is a speaker cable pair with our in-house connector (Spade/Banana) treated with an additional Custom in-house 24K Gold Plated, made for perfect transparent and musical Speaker Cable. It comes in an exclusive in-house Mahogany Box. So Simply Irresistible!!

 Speaker Cable Super Musical (Entry)

Technical specifications

Conductor crossection area 12 AWG
Conductor number 2 pieces
Core numbers per conductor 2+2 pieces
Insulation Proprietary PTFE Tape
Jacket Braided Sleeve nylon


Banana/BFA CMC
Spade (Fork) 3D Layering Spade (SULS Technology)
Cable connection Airtight Crimp

Electrical performance

Phase error (20 Hz – 20,000 Hz)


 Speaker Cable Super Musical (Entry)