Review and Testimonial from Harjanto Sudarsono, Jakarta, Indonesia

Score : 5.0
Reviewer: Harjanto Sudarsono
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
May 05, 2018  –  “Magic Box from Sifu kungfu, One day I visited a friend of mine to listen to a special. Saw this groundbox that is being installed at the negative post of the speaker binding post. After talking to the designer of this ground, he lent me one his ground box for me to test in my system. Because of my busy schedule, I finally tested it after couple weeks. I left me wandered after wandered when I try to connect and disconnect this ground box. The strength and potential of my Tanoy speakers REALLY IMPROVED. Even my WIFE who is very seldom listening to music from my system, can speak that the treble is more definitely crispier. Also in the Mid Frequency becomes Clearner and Low Freq becomes more solid. This ground can REALLY IMPROVE MY SYSTEM SIGNIFICANTLY.  Price Performance Ratio (PPR) is extremely high. It’s very WORTH to Purchase this groundbox”