FCUK Labs at IHEAC 2018

FCUK Labs at IHEAC 2018

FCUK Labs Cable will be participating at 2018 Indonesian High End Audio Club (IHEAC) Exhibition starting November 29 until December 2, 2018. Our cables will be installed and demonstrated at four different rooms with our FCUK Labs Collaboration Partner Teams;

  • Celina Audiophile from USA at Room #807.
  • ILUSI Audio at Room #808.
  • Vidi Signature and ANDA at Room #802.
  • ELITE FIRST AUDIO at Room #717.

Please don’t forget to book an appointment by RSVP with the links below or call us at 081-25-222-1688.

This year we will bring:

  • Power Cord Cable: Ultimate Bitfrost 14, Absolute Bitfrost 16 and Absolute Musical 18
  • Digital Cable: Absolute Clarity Digital Coax
  • Interconnect Cable: Absolute Clarity/Harmony/Musical and Ultimate¬†Clarity/Harmony/Musical
  • Speaker Cable: Super Musical, Super Clarity, Absolute Musical and Absolute Clarity
  • The total Noise Control Super Ground Box

See you soon on November 29 at 10:00 am.