Review and Testimonial from Suwarna Chiu, Jakarta, Indonesia

Score : 5.0
Reviewer: Suwarna Chiu
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
March 27, 2018  –  “As soon as I return home, Tried to set this group box. I compared some songs that normally have some peaking become somewhat controlled, the separation between instrument become very visible, the low becomes more solid and defined. Tried some jazz music, the depth and width of staging improved, and the separation becomes really really good. I am even a jazz lover, but this Groundbox makes everything good. Well Done FCUK LABS!”

Review and Testimonial from Firman in Tangerang, Indonesia

Score : 5.0
Reviewer: Mr. Firman
Location: Tangerang, Indonesia
March 29, 2018  –  “I Installed this groundbox in my processor and tube buffer, it is obviously, there is improvement on the layering, improved staging, the instrument are more defined and clearly articulated, the vocal become more present. I Tried Dali 2 & 4 CD. Additional review: My gasoline consumption becomes worse LOL, because I don’t want to leave the seat and want me to keep listening more and more LOL”

Review and Testimonial from Anthonius Kheno in Surabaya, Indonesia

Score : 5.0
Reviewer: Anthonius Kheno
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia
November 29, 2018  –  “I installed this on the Midrange, the sounds becomes laid back, the staging has so much depth. Now I need another 4 peices for the Tweeter and Midbass. The Background become darker. The detail becomes more clear and midrange staging where I installed the Groundbox becomes more laid back compare to tweeter and midbass.  This must be experienced directly, since I have heard the effect of this Groundbox, it is impossible not to believe. While I tried to listened to USACI Competition Disk, listened on some track on the Piano, the depth layer of the staging is soo distance. The bass and saxophone and trumpet went OUTSIDE The driver window! This is so crazy to believe!!!”

Review and Testimonies from Jimmy Jingga, Sumatra, Indonesia

Score : 5.0
Reviewer: Jimmy Jingga
Location: Sumtra, Indonesia
Nov 9, 2017  –  “The Ground Box is Superb, even my wife who is not an audiophile could tell the difference when Ground Box is connected. The Staging is more Dimensional, Background become darker, Sound is smoother, The High frequency is not too overly symbilance. It’s very worth it. Thank you so much. The conclusion, the sound become neat, if the groundbox being removed, then the high freq is too attack. What shocking is that my wife even made a comment, it’s pleasant to the ear. When I tried some orchestra music, everything becomes so well defined”