Absolute Musical Power Cord

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Brand: FCUK Labs Audio
Quantity/pack: 1 Piece
Default Length:
1.7 Meter Europe & Asia Version (50 Hz)
1.4 Meter US Version (60 Hz)
(Longer size is available)

Absolute Musical Power Cord FCUK Labs

Garbage in = Garbage out. Electricity is the soul of your audio,  from source to the amplification of signal using electricity, gives your the final out put. The question is how clean and how good is your electricity. When you listen to your system, you are actually listening to the AC mains supply. This makes the most important cables in your system the ones feeding power into the equipment. They are responsible for the raw material that gets turned into the sound!

A Helix Geometry with the Ground Core of FCUK Labs Power Cord Design protects both from alternating fields radiating from the cable as well as from pick-up of surrounding airborne noise fields such as wireless and mobile phones, wifi, radio and TV broadcasts. Absolute Clarity Power Cord is the newest development of the Helix-Core concept, developed to meet serious demand of Audiophile Enthusiastic with efficient shielding, flexibility, bend-/fatigue-resistance and strength.

The Helix with Ground Core is where the leads are spun in a short pitch, counteracting the magnetic alternating field that according to the physical law of inductance always surrounds a lead that carries a current. The benefits are less noise picked up by the cable and less noise that affect adjacent cables such as low level interconnects.

We proudly present a brand new Absolute Musical Power Cord where All the conductors are using Silver Plater Copper that Allow your hi-end gear access to one of natures most powerful conductive materials there is – Silver. Silver Plated Copper for maximal conductivity with FCUK Labs 24K gold plated connectors

Absolute Musical ensures complete musicality, focus on the Musical & Transparency aspect such as Warmth, Sweet, Wetness, etc.

The Absolute Musical’s Uniques Design

  • Avionic Grade of Proprietary Low Loss Mono-Filament-Braided Silver Plated Copper on Live and Neutral Path
  • Avionic Grade of Low Loss Mono-Filament Solid Silver Plated Copper on the Ground path
  • Helix with Ground Center Rod Geometry Design for Noise Rejection.
  • Ultra Low Dielectric Military Grade Conductor Insulation
  • Oyaide Copper AC Plug, Custom Coated in 24K Gold.
  • Military Grade Cable Jacket Housing for ultra durability and flexibility.

The Absolute Musical
FCUK Labs’s Absolute Musical Power Cord Unique Geometry Design will result in a cleaner sound, better picture and a more healthy home and working environment with low levels of harmful fields…


  • High End Home Audio
  • Live Stage
  • Recording Studios
  • Medical / Hospital equipment
  • Laboratorium
  • Noise critical installations

Technical Specifications

Cross Area: 13.83 / 5.8 mm2/AWG
No. Cond 3
Geometry High Speed Low Loss Mono Filament Braided Silver Plated for L & N.
High Speed Low Loss Mono Filament Solid Silver Plated for G.
Insulation: Proprietary Military Grade PTFE Tape
Jacket: Braided Sleeve Nylon